Rudn Enclave Farm Houses Payment Plan

The four Kanal house plots also are obtainable with a total price of ninety-two Lacs rupees with a 15 August 1945 booking price of thirteen Lacs and eighty thousand rupees. Confirmation is five-hitter of four Lacs and sixty thousand rupees. The forty-eight easy installments also are offered with every price at two Lacs, eighteen thousand, 700 hundred and fifty rupees. At possession, 100% of the cost amounting to fifteen animal product rupees is to be paid.

At the time of booking, you’ve got to pay 15 August 1945 and five-hitter at the time of confirmation. 100% to be paid at possession. Eight Kanal house features a value of PKR 16,000,000 and offers forty-eight monthly installments of PKR 233,333.

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